Rose Pest Solutions come to the raccoon rescue of home plagued by them

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A family of raccoons has been terrorizing a Detroit family - but they are finally getting help.

Raccoons have been getting into Joyce Hines' house through the roof area which happens to be the attic - but a solution is on the way. FOX 2 reported the problem earlier this week.

"I thank my neighbor she's really good," Hines said. "I thank you. I want to keep crying, but these are tears of joy."

Hines has been stuck with raccoons apparently showing up on her west side roof and making their way underneath.

"I know they are urinating, making babies, crying oh my Lord, it is really scary," she said.
Her neighbor Lakenya Jones got together with some folks and posted a video of the family of raccoons appearing for their close-up, nightly.

FOX 2: "The video was effective."

"I would do it again," Jones said. "It means everything to help a neighbor who needs help."

So effective that a local company, Rose Pest Solutions heard about their plight on FOX 2 and came to the rescue.
FOX 2: "You see how overwhelmed Joyce is."

"I understand, it's something that doesn't go away," said Joel Jerore, Rose Pest Solutions. "They are not going to leave here until they are removed. It may take us several days, it might take us a week to get to them.  We will have to see what kind of access we have, how many are up there. We'll stay on it, we'll get you taken care of."

Rose Pest Solutions will likely be out Monday morning with cage traps.