Roseville councilman's home raided in connection to drug investigation

Michigan State Police raided a Roseville city councilmen's home Thursday night.

Several people were arrested following that raid including councilman Charles Frontera. Details are limited but we do know that the case has been turned over the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office.

He's been a public servant in Roseville since 2007 and currently a city councilman. Frontera, 32, found himself in the middle of a police raid at his home.

Neighbors say loud knocks could be heard, followed by a rush of Michigan State Police through his door.
Sources tell FOX 2 the raid is connected to a drug investigation but state police are tight lipped, but they did say several people, including Frontera, were arrested - then released.

No one has been charged as the investigation continues.

Roseville residents weighed in on the news. 

"People act like politicians aren't regular people, they do bad stuff they just don't get caught as much as regular people do," said Dean Beans. 

"They definitely should get to the bottom of it soon because I know if it was my house, they would be in there in a second," said Stephen Tarnowski. "He's innocent until proven guilty."

Frontera said Friday there was a police situation at his house and alluded that it had something to do with his "tenants" living there.

FOX 2 spoke with Mayor Robert Taylor and he said it's just too early for him to comment on the situation. The five-person city council scheduled to meet Tuesday evening, it's a regularly scheduled meeting.