Roseville police looking for man that lead police in car chase then took off on foot

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A man is missing after he crashed a car in Warren on Tuesday and then left the scene leading police on a pursuit that ended in another crash in Roseville. 

"Warren Police department got involved with a pursuit that ended here on 11 Mile and Gratiot." said Chief James Berlin, Roseville Police.

Police say the suspect is in his 30s, with dreadlocks. He was wearing a tan jacket.

He was driving when he got into an accident on 11 Mile and Bunart. 

Warren police were investigating as the man drove off and then got into a second accident on 11 Mile and Gratiot.

"Just another day in Roseville." said a witness.

"Fred", saw the accident but doesn't want people to see him.

"I was getting my wife a McMuffin when I seen a car crash on 696 and Gratiot and he jumped out."

Police said the suspect jumped out and started running.

Three area police departments started looking for the man. Officers were in their cars while others were on foot and with dogs.

"What do you think? They got cops and dogs on the chopper."

"This is crazy. Wow, I hope they catch him." said, Larry Stevens, lives in the neighborhood.

A search of the man's car found heroin.

The car is from a rental place out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A neighbor said that Roseville has some experience in these pursuits.  

"The police are pulling people out of the yard before who were hiding." said Ryan Mandziara, lives in the neighborhood

The suspect is still on the run.

Warren Police said they're handling the investigation.