RV rentals, sales spike significantly in Michigan amid COVID-19

RV sales have hit a record high this year as people look for safe ways to get away during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Take Michigander Brandon Jones and his girlfriend, for example. They're buying their first RV.

"You've got to embrace what life has to offer. You only live once," he said. As a certified nursing assistant who's treated patients with COVID-19, he knows that all too well. And as someone who is concerned about safety, this is a great alternative.

"I don't have to be quarantined," he said with a laugh. "I can travel, I can go places and do things I wanted to do." And he's not alone. 

"The RV sales nationwide have spiked significantly," said Jeremy Miller, a sales manager at General RV in Wixom. "We have currently about 200 on the lot where normally at this time we have about 500-600 so, yes, we are selling them and selling them at record and rapid pace."

Miller says COVID-19, quarantine, travel restrictions and concerns over safety have people cooped up and craving a break.

"Folks really want to get out. It's really serious cabin fever that people have been dealing with for the past few months," Miller said.

Miller says cruises are no longer an option and many people are reluctant to fly, so driving in your home away from home - complete with your own kitchen, bath and bed - has become an increasingly attractive option.

"One thing we always say is that the only people that are going to get into the motor home are the people that you let in there," Miller said. "This is a way to get out there and still be safe with the family and friends."

And he says it's more affordable than you might think. A small pop up could cost around $7,000 - but they can be hard to come by.

We're told rentals are booked and people are buying faster than ever. As for where they're going, it doesn't have to be far away to be a great getaway.

"Here in Michigan there are so many fantastic places to go and visit and see and be safe doing that, too," Miller said.

It's an adventure Brandon can't wait to start. "This is just living, living your life to the fullest, really."