Saline holds forum following racial issues at schools

On Wednesday, parents, students and community members showed up to a city hall meeting in Saline, seeking how they got to this point. 

For some, Saline has been a place where racism is pervasive and can no longer be ignored. 

"Just because those incidents happened, doesn't mean that we don't need to be working on this," said Washtenaw Co. Commissioner, Felicia Brabec. "This is something that we always need to be working on and acknowledging in our community."

People who attended the meeting say they have hope that things will get better. 

"I have talked to young people at the school and hope to continue to engage with them, so folks feel safe no matter who they are," Brabec said. 

Fox 2 was told the Saturday meeting was the first of many forums to be held by city and county leaders, with hopes of creating a more inclusive environment.