Salons, barber shops propose changes state-wide as they wait on Whitmer

A quickly organized coalition of more than two dozen salons, spa and barbershop owners and workers across the state have begun to put plans in place for reopening in the new Covid reality.

They worked with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to come up with a plan to open back up and a lot of people are anxious for that.

"Most of the tough aspects is the not knowing, when will we return," said Kendra Geralt. "It is not just the act of getting a beauty service done. It is a lot of self-care. Mental health goes into that. We have rapport with our clients and they miss that and we miss them."

One of those ready to open is Geralt of the Color Box Luxury Nail and beauty bar in Birmingham Michigan.

She signed the letter from the "Safe Salons for MI Coalition" asking Governor Gretchen Whitmer to open up businesses like hers.

"Yes we can absolutely keep clients safe," she said. "And how we do that is just having protocols, following the government guidelines and sticking to them."

The letter outlines details on things like sanitation, hygiene, worker and customer safety, social distancing and PPE use.

Alline Salon Group - which helped organize the association and which has locations outside of Michigan says they've been able to open up in Ohio. 

"It's going quite well so far, so we wanted to do so in Michigan as well," said Lisa Dennison, Regional Director Alline salon group.

As for when you could be able to get a haircut or color professionally and legally, Whitmer's answer Thursday was vague on an actual open date. 

"We've got to keep following the science," Whitmer reiterated. "I'm happy this group of leaders came together to promulgate what they think are best practices. They are certainly something we will examine and build in where it makes sense - as we reengage."

FOX 2 also heard from LARA which says it facilitated the Hair Salon and Barber Workgroup. It says the requirements and recommendations are still working through the process for further consideration. 

The coalition formed after the work group concluded its work on May 19.