Salvation Army gifted rare coin valued at $1,200

They stand outside every Christmas, ringing bells, raising money for those in need, but one donation in Orlando, Florida on Thursday really has The Salvation Army’s bells ringing.

“We were elated!” said Captain Ken Chapman, with The Salvation Army Orlando.

It was a 1904 coin, containing one ounce of pure gold. At the time, it would have been worth $20, but it’s far more valuable now.

“We took it to a gold shop -- actually three of them -- to see how they would compare, and they all said about $1,200,” said Capt. Chapman.

Volunteers knew there was something special when they saw the coin, but it was when they felt it that they really knew.

“And said, 'Oh no this is the real deal!” 

That person knew, because “they're a coin collector, and they said I'll buy it for more than it’s worth. Hallelujah! Here you go!”

The coin helped The Salvation Army hit $100,000 for the season, reminding them that even though there are only 15 days left in the Red Kettle campaign and are still $250,000 away from their goal.

“I believe that Orlando is one of the most philanthropic cities that I've ever been in, so I still believe it's going to happen,” Capt. Chapman said.