Same type of gun used in shootings of DPD officers, Wayne St Sgt Rose

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Two Detroit police officers shot Wednesday and a suspect now in custody - while the investigation is only just beginning.

The two wounded special-ops officers are said to be stable condition after being shot in what DPD Chief James Craig says was an attack on his men. They were in the area of Tillman and Ash Wednesday night when police say Raymond Durham attacked.

Detectives are scrambling to see what other cases he could be connected to. The type of gun used in both the shooting last night and the murder of Wayne State Sgt. Collin Rose is the same - a .38 revolver. Michigan State Police scientists are working to find if the shootings were connected.

As for any rumors of a confession from Durham regarding the death of Rose, the chief says without question there was no confession. And police are taking it a step further says the suspect Raymond Durham hasn't said a single word to them about anything.

"We have been deployed in that area trying to get information and continue our investigation into the Collin Rose murder," Craig said.

Sgt. Collin Rose was the Wayne State police officer shot and killed in the line of duty late last year in an area close to where this attack took place. That crime remains unsolved, and police are still looking at Durham for a possible connection.

"Even in the manner of attack we can tell you preliminarily, they are similar," Craig said. "But I'm not at a place to say this is the same suspect in Collin Rose murder."

Officers returned fire, hitting Durham who then hid in some bushes near the scene for two hours before police closed in on him.

"In a second attempt he tried to attack these officers," Craig said. "Fortunately he was taken into custody without incident."

With him in custody and the gun recovered finding a possible connection to the rose crime became a priority. A rush order was placed at the state police crime lab specifically looking at the bullets recovered from Durham and the bullets from the Rose murder.

"They will actually set it side by side and look through two different microscopes and they will look at the different markings that are left there," Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said.

Results that could take less than 24 hours to complete.  Police say it’s a methodical and exacting process.

"It's a double check system to make sure what one scientist saw passes on to another scientist," Shaw said.

From there the results are placed in a database that scans the country looking for any connection to any crime, including the death of Sgt. Collin Rose.

Craig visited his two DPD officers in the hospital checking on their recovery Thursday. Both men, who have families by their side supporting them, are recovering in stable condition.

"They both laughed and the one that's more serious, we're still waiting because there are still some procedures that need to be done," Craig said.
Two officers with the 3rd Precinct special ops team each shot. One is a 20-year veteran on the force shot in the neck, his partner hit in the leg and chest. Blocked by his bullet proof vest.

"The young officer with less time, four years on, really enjoys his work," Craig said. "And he looks forward to getting back."