Sasha Obama set to begin classes at University of Michigan

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In less than a week, a new semester will begin in Ann Arbor and this year one student will likely get some extra attention. 

Sasha Obama will be taking undergrad classes and chances are she'll rarely be alone if ever, which could be a problem from time to time. 

The college experience is different for everyone, especially if you are former President Barack Obama's daughter. Already there have been reported sightings of Sasha Obama being escorted by secret service.

Fox 2's Dave Spencer spoke with a former secret service member who worked with Chelsea Clinton when she attended Stanford while her father Bill Clinton was in office. 

Greg Suhajda says one of the hardest parts of his job was blending in on a campus. 

"It was fitting in, picked out once they saw her," Suhajda said. 

Today's secret service will likely have a harder time on campus due to social media and how fast word can spread. 

"Video and pictures everywhere, all of that is a concern," he said. 

College is a time when people often figure out who they are, sow some wild oats so to speak, so finding a balance when you are constantly being monitored by secret service is another challenge.

"Give her space, but prevent things from happening."

In the case with Chelsea Clinton, the former secret service member says there were many times that he had to intervene in her college life. 

He says the easiest way to do it was having an established relationship and understanding that it was in her best interest. 

The former agent says preparation for a high-profile student like Sasha begins as soon as she decided to attend U of M.