Scratch-off lottery ticket thieves break into party store through ceiling

It was 5 a.m. Wednesday when the alarm went off at the City Liquor store at the corner of Grand River and Lahser. A look from the cameras inside shows us exactly what happened.

Keep your eye on the upper left-hand corner of the screen. After the alarm sounds, not one - but two people emerge from the ceiling above. As they hit the ground, they race to the registers.

That was where they pulled as many scratch-off lotto tickets as they could from the display. After one last check of the empty registers, the two make their way back the way they came - throwing the lotto tickets and then hoisting themselves up through the ceiling.

Despite the massive effort, it’s likely the crooks didn’t cash out as police say the manager has contacted the state’s gaming division to report the theft - canceling all the stolen lotto tickets.

Detroit police are sharing the video of this crime hoping someone might know who they are and will turn them in.