Search renewed for Oakland County woman who went missing nearly 40 years ago

Cindy Louise Moore of Independence Township was just 28-years-old when she vanished. 

Thursday marks 39 years since her disappearance. It’s a cold case Oakland County Sheriff Micharl Bouchard said will likely be solved by someone remembering even the slightest detail.

"We’ve solved a lot of crimes that are older than this in our cold case unit, so we never give up," he said.

On May 23, 1985, around 11 p.m., Moore was seen leaving work at a postal processing center in Troy, near 15 Mile and John R. About 11:15 p.m., a coworker saw her about a mile away.

She was on her way to pick up her 2-year-old son in Warren, from her estranged husband’s house – but she never made it there. 

Investigators looked at the people who were closest to her.

"We know that the estranged husband at the time was certainly someone that was on the list if you will… but we don’t have any specific information tying anyone to it… obviously someone probably knows something," Bouchard said.

Investigators didn't have much to process until the next day.

"We didn't have a part or particular crime scene, we didn't have a particular venue that we could process," Bouchard said. "The next day her car was found in a hotel parking lot."

That discovery was made at 6:30 in the morning. There was no sign of struggle at the car or in the car. The mystery was hard to unravel because the day Moore went missing seemed to be like any other day.

"She had a plan to move forward. She had put a down payment on a mobile home in Auburn Hills," the sheriff said. "So she had a plan to step forward into a future… with her child – apparently away from her husband. This was very much out of character." 

Moore was divorcing her husband, he said. It appears they were separated because of violence.

"She had claimed her estranged husband had choked her," Bouchard said.

Anyone with information is asked to reach out to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office or call Crime Stoppers.