Search still on for car, suspects linked to man's death

Authorities have determined a crumpled car found Thursday morning on Detroit's east side is not connected to a deadly hit-and-run that happened earlier this week.

Bruce Key was leaving a neighborhood party store when he was hit by a speeding car on Michigan Avenue Tuesday around 9:30 p.m.. The driver kept going for at least two blocks with Key on the hood. When the driver got to a grocery store near Michigan Avenue and Martin Road, the driver got out, pulled Key off the windshield and then dumped him the alley before driving away, police say.

"I can't believe that they just threw him out like trash," his friend, Catherine Loukas said. You can read more about how family and friends are remembering Key here.

A tip into Detroit Police led them Thursday morning to a red Chevy Cavalier with a busted up front end and windshield. Neighbors spotted it near Orleans and Grixdale on the city's east side and called it in, thinking it could be the car involved in 51-year-old Key's death.

After further investigation, police determined it is not connected to their investigation.

Key, a great grandfather, had recently recovered from a hit and run accident, only to be killed by another one about a year later.

"He had just got off the walker, off the came. He was walking really good," says Key's friend, Beverly Wallace.

Police say they are looking for five suspects connected with Key's death.

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