Second day of no bus service in Detroit after drivers walk off job Friday

Today is the second day of no bus service in the city of Detroit. Drivers walked off the job Friday morning because they say the city isn't doing enough to keep them safe when it comes to dangerous passengers. 

But a disturbing video released by the city shows another side to the story. 

Back in early September an attack involving a DDOT bus driver and a passenger. The driver is seen on video repeatedly punching the passenger, the entire attack lasted for a min and 14 seconds. 

The incident being a big part of why DDOT bus drivers walked off the job Friday morning. 

"If you slow it down you can see him snatch the chain, he wasn't coming up to ask a question with his fist balled, we asked the department, well what did Mr. Diller do wrong, well he struck first." Glenn Tolbert said, President of the bus drivers union. 

The driver was suspended, and right now he's trying to get re-instated.

The union is defending him saying that the driver felt like he was in imminent danger which goes back to why the drivers walked off the job. 

They say they're the ones in danger, not the passengers. 

"I have females out there being accosted on a daily basis, members getting bashed going out there and quitting because they cannot deal with what's going on." Tolbert said. 

But Mayor Mike Duggan says he was unaware of this issue. 

"So when you don't hear from the unions that there's an issue, it's a little surprising when you get up on Friday morning and find out they just didn't show up for work, stranding people all over the city," he said. 

Both sides met for several hours Friday but talks ended late afternoon with no resolution, no word on when talks will continue or when bus service will resume.