Second night of protests as demonstrators clash with Detroit police downtown

For the second straight night demonstrations against police brutality spilled into the streets of downtown Detroit, spurred on by the George Floyd death at the hands of a white ex-Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day in Minnesota.

Saturday night after a second protest march, crowds began to become unruly and tensions were high. About five people have been arrested after an escalation outside police headquarters Saturday evening.

Tear gas has been used by groups of police to control the crowds. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the crowd was smaller than Friday but about 250 and were more agitated.  Many protesters brought coolers filled with bricks and M-80 fireworks prepared to be violent, he said.

"At some point they decided to take over the freeway (I-375) and stopped near Hart Plaza we could tell they were becoming agitated," Police Chief James Craig said. "We did not want them getting too close to our building. That is when the protesters became violent throwing bricks, setting off M80 fireworks.

"We got the order to use the gas to disperse them. The officers were very patient and did a very good job. We are patient but when you begin to attack the police officers that is when enouogh is enough."

Craig said Sunday police will be out in full force and although they support the meaning behind the protest they will not tolerate law breaking.