Security guard fatally shoots man believed to be attempted thief

A driver was fatally shot while trying to evade a security guard attempting to stop him.

The incident took place about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of a department store on the 200 block of Merden near Palmer Park.

Just before police received a call about the shooting, there was another call about someone breaking into cars in the area.

Police say the security guard confronted the victim about property that she believed he had stolen.

The man walked away from her and presumably got into his vehicle, and that's when the security guard used her vehicle to block him in and keep him from leaving.

"She exited her vehicle, she was carrying a firearm as a security officer and she approached him obviously her firearm was drawn. She asked him to return the property. The information is that he tried to evade her, placing his vehicle in drive, striking her vehicle, possibly catching her in between the door.The weapon discharged, the victim was fatally struck," said Capt. Mark Thornton of the Detroit police.

The security guard is in police custody, but cooperating with investigators.