Senator Gary Peters co-sponsoring bill to help get lab-tested animals adopted

Michigan Senator Gary Peters announced on Monday plans to co-sponsor a bill that would direct all federal agencies to develop a plan for dogs, cats and all other animals no longer needed for research in federal labs.

Called the Animal Freedom from Testing, Experimentation and Research Act, the bipartisan plan would legislate a way for animals that are no longer needed for testing to be adopted. 

“Ensuring that animals no longer used in federal research can be adopted is the right thing to do,” said Peters.

Currently, many animals used in federal research are killed after they are no longer needed. Peters is cosponsoring the bill with Susan Collins of Maine, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Martha McSally of Arizona.

“I am proud to partner with Senator Collins on this bipartisan legislation that would encourage federal agencies to collaborate with the shelters that can provide these animals a safe, nurturing environment for the next phase of their lives," said Peters.

More than 50,000 animals, mainly dogs, cats, monkeys and rabbits were used in federal labs in the last fiscal year. Representatives from Pennsylvania and Indiana have also introduced legislation in the House to address the same issue.