September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - here's what men need to know

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and there are three things every man should know.

We spoke with urologist Dr. Michael Lutz who says the first step comes with knowing your numbers.

That number is the PSA or Prostrate Specific Antigen.

"I know it was discovered in 1979, but it is such a game-changer,"he said. "It is just a blood test."

Lutz says the number if it is 2 or lower usually means you are okay, but if it is higher and or rising, then it needs to be checked out by an expert.

The next step is to know your risk factor, some men are more at risk than others.

Lutz says if you have a first-degree family member you have a two-fold increase risk. Two relatives is a four-fold increase risk and African-American men have a higher risk of getting it, as well as dying from it.

The third thing to know is, there are no symptoms of prostate cancer.

"If you wait for urinary symptoms to occur, it is probably going to be too late," he said. "Most times this is an a-symptomatic disease. Don't wait for symptoms, just get checked."

Usually doctors wait until men are 50, but those with a family history of prostate cancer should begin getting checked by age 40.