Serial bank robber in metro Detroit strikes again, this time at a bank in Oakland County

"We're going to catch you."

That's the message that Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard has for a serial bank robber in metro Detroit. 

After hitting banks in Macomb County, Chesterfield Township and Shelby Township, the man hit a fourth bank in Oakland County. Robbing a bank in Orion Township shortly before closing Thursday afternoon, the man has proven a difficult criminal to catch so far.

"We're working with other police agencies who have had the robberies and we've looped in the FBI as well," said Bouchard.

The FBI has confirmed that surveillance photos of the robber Thursday match those of previous incidents. Described as a middle-aged white male, people are asked to look out for a black and red Ford pickup with a "4x4" on the back. 

"We could see a bunch of Oakland County Sheriff cars pull in, about six cars and blocked out driver," said Dennis Ladshaw, who owns a business near the bank hit March 21.

While no one was injured, the suspect is aware of his increasing notoriety. This time, he specifically asked for bills with no dye pack yesterday.

"What we want to do is get him before he hits more, before it escalates," Bouchard said. "We don't want to see anyone get hurt, including him."

If you recognize the suspect, police ask you call them or the FBI immediately. You can also reach out to crime stoppers, potentially receiving a $1,000 cash reward if the tip leads to an arrest.