Seven children ages 3 to 12 were inside flipped SUV in 8 Mile crash

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Seven children and one adult were hospitalized after a violent crash on Eight Mile just west of Mound.

Detroit police tell FOX 2 that some of the children were not even restrained inside the Cadillac Escalade, which flipped in the crash, landing on its side on Buffalo Street. 

Inside the Cadillac Escalade - seven children and one adult. Detroit police say the kids range in age from 3 to 12 years old. The driver was a woman in her 40s. Detroit police will not release the conditions of the children tonight, a spokesperson said.

"It was just like a big boom, like thunder and lightning, kind of a boom you know," said witness Sol Gaines. 

Two SUVs smashed into each other which brought neighbors like Gaines out of their homes nearby.

A green Chevy SUV with front end damage was heading east bound on Eight Mile when the driver with all those kids tried to cut across four lanes of traffic from the median turnaround and they collided. 

The truck was flipped over, I heard it flip three times," Gaines said. "Afterwards the kids were all just sitting on the curb crying."

Detroit police say some of the children were not restrained when the crash happened - the driver was ticketed for that.  The kids and adult were all taken to the hospital. 

"The tall skinny girl was crying just rubbing her legs like really bad," said Gaines. "She looked like she was crying in excruciating pain so I wouldn't want that to be my daughter." 

No one in the Chevy was hurt and the female driver was not at fault.  Gaines says it's just another reminder why you have to be so careful behind the wheel. 

"You got to drive for everybody else, you can't just drive for yourself out here because people are not paying attention," he said.