Severe thunderstorms cause scattered outages in SE Michigan

After a warm weekend, severe thunderstorms rooled through southeast Michigan with thunderstorm warnings popping up throughout the area.

According to DTE Energy, about 40,000 customers are without power after weather from the weekend coupled with Monday's storms.

Rich Luterman says that widespread severe weather is not expected the rest of the night, although storms will be popping up.

The fast-moving storm had winds of about 40 MPH or even higher. These storms are moving northeast at about 40 MPH but are building behind at a northeast angle. This is training and when the storms continue to move in the same direction over the same area, it means you're going to see a lot of rain.

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These are tall storms, not huge, but they're starting to climb higher. Once they build to 30,000 to 40,000 feet, that brings on the possibility of severe weather: rain, wind, thunder, lightning, and even some hail.

The storms are expected to continue until about 7 pm when a cold front arrives...and brings more rain. That should last until about 10 pm Monday. 

Temps then will hover around the upper 70s and low 80s until the weekend when we get back to about 85 or even higher.