Severe wind uproots tree onto woman's car

This week's wild winds uprooted this massive tree in a Detroit neighborhood, which landed on a woman's car.

"I was sleeping and then I just heard this crash - this loud, bang noise," said Danielle Kolar.

It was about 2:45 in the morning. Kolar looked out her window and saw two big trees down, blown over by the high winds on Salem Street on Detroit's west side.

A portion of one of the trees on top of Danielle's brand new 2017 Ford Escape.

"I just got it. It's not even a month old -- less than 2000 miles on my car," Kolar said.

As far as the tree goes, Danielle says she had previously called the city to let them know the roots were exposed.

"They came to do a lot of work on the trees around here but didn't tag that. So we've been calling and letting them know this tree is going come and I guess it just got windy and that's what it was," she said.

A city worker did stop by while Fox 2 was there and said a crew would be coming by to clean up the damage.