Shedding Light on Addiction with Braylon Edwards at Eastern Market

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It's no secret that athletes are constantly at risk for injury - and when they get hurt the pressure is on to get them back to peak performance. 

Sometimes that means powerful prescriptions and treatment programs which can open up the door to addiction. 
Here to talk about it is former Wolverine and NFL star Braylon Edwards and Michael Hunter from Team Wellness. 

Edwards said he really became more aware of the opioid epidemic at the Detroit Alumni Football Chapter.

"It was something I can relate to," Edwards said. "I've seen (it with) teammates, other people. It's not just a thing that happens with athletes, you have kids in high school that get addicted to pills. You have people that go through things and it starts with a pill here to take care of this, and it becomes a way to mask what you are really hiding from. It can become a big issue."

See what Braylon and Team Wellness had to say about the issue.

He and other NFL alums will take part in the Shedding Light on Addiction program by Team Wellness Center at Eastern Market before every Lions home game in Shed 5.

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