Sheriff says so far no evidence accused Oxford shooter was bullied

The Oxford High School Nov. 30 mass shooting is a massive investigation that may take months - even years before it’s finished, said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Investigators are working long hours conducting interviews and scouring the voluminous digital evidence.  

"No sleep, but that's okay that's what we do," he said. "Every time you pull one thread, it unknots something else and well we haven't heard this, where does this lead.

"Clearly from what we see, it was all pre-meditated."

Bouchard, who has seen it all, is shocked.   

"There is a lot of things I've seen, and it makes you shake your head and you wonder where is the humanity," he said. 

The sheriff debunked rumors that alleged shooter Ethan Crumbley was bullied - which he says are not true.  

"We have received no evidence, in writings or anything else - nothing to suggest he was bullied or that this was targeted," he said. 

The Crumbley family, will spend the holidays in jail – and remain quiet.  

"No, no conversations (with them), the only conversations they're having is with their attorneys, not with us," Bouchard said. 

The Sheriff's Office team is working to complete some 2,000 witness interviews, scouring through mountains of evidence, helping the community heal, and focusing on the heroes in all of this.