Shoppers say birds are landing on meat inside Oak Park market

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They say birds of a feather flock together -- but you don't want to see that at your local grocery store. 

Upset customers say their supermarket in Oak Park has had a bird problem for years, and are beginning to be concerned about their health. 
Some have snapped pictures or recorded video of the birds inside the store, the Glory Supermarket on Nine Mile and Coolidge in Oak Park, Mich. 

Chevelle Austin recorded some of that video, showing three birds on the floor eating sugar. Another snapped a picture of the birds getting into the meat and informed the manager.

"He goes, 'Well, the meat is packaged so well that they can't poke through the meat,'" says Austin. "I am thinking, well, they have beaks! That is what they do. My concern is other people's health from the droppings and what not that's in there and, you know, they carry germs."

Online, customers have also complained about Glory selling bad food and produce.

"They are selling blackened, gray chicken wings. The meat is outdated and spoiled. The milk is old," shopper Mona Lisa Love told us. 

The grocery store seemed clean enough when FOX 2 walked through Wednesday evening. The produce was fresh. FOX 2 did not spot any birds but the manager readily admitted to us they have a problem.

"There are cages installed; it is very hard to catch them inside the supermarket," said Ramy Sheena, the manager. "The health department is aware of this to help me out how to catch it." 

FOX 2: "Can you assure us and your customers that they are not buying food that the birds have been in and pecking in?"

"No. Once a customer tells me, that there is something on top of something - especially the meat -- I will pick it up right away," Sheena says.

The manager says he's caught two birds himself and they have a company coming in Saturday to catch the rest.