Single mother battles brain aneurysms, mounting medical bills

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A single mother of two and her family are hoping for some help in her medical battle.

Aaraka Hurse is living with four brain aneurysms and did not know it and now faces mounting medical debt including possible open brain surgery.

In 2015, Hurse noticed a large lump in her neck and after testing, found out she had three aneurysms and never knew it, feeling no other symptoms. She had surgery to repair the first and suffered a mild stroke in recovery.

In the meantime she says she has lost her job due to downsizing and has medical bills from the initial surgeries because she had a 30 percent co-pay. Hurse, who has since been diagnosed with a fourth aneurysm behind one of her eyes, owes more than $50,000 in medical bills and can't have any more surgeries until she pays at least half of her balance.

A charity bowling event is being held at 8 p.m. June 30 at Bonanza Lanes, 24600 Hoover Road in Warren. A GoFundMe page has also been set up HERE.

Hurse has two children, Alec, 14, and Austyn, 8, with her oldest facing a medical challenge of his own. He has Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, causing his body to flare up with fever and fluid. Her daughter is a straight-A student.

After the fourth aneurysm was discovered, she wrote on her GoFundMe page a few weeks ago that she is determined to fight on.

"It literally is a matter of life and death," she wrote. “Today the Doctor's found a fourth aneurysm behind my left eye. The plan is to meet with the neurologist and neurosurgeon teams along with the primary doctor to create a better quality of life. Meaning (to) attack the aneurysms and headaches at the same time.

"We're looking into every avenue including open brain surgery. Appointments need to be made and discussions need to be had. It's going to be a difficult road to travel with difficult decisions to make. All I know is my fight us for my kid's and my heart is heavy, but my soul is strong. I WILL FIGHT THIS & WIN!!!"

To learn more about Aaraka, CLICK HERE for her Facebook page.