Single mother with mold-ridden home has furnace, pipes stolen

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"I just want to get a break from it all, but I don't know how long that's going to be."

Tanishia Goudy is feeling tired and overwhelmed. FOX 2 first told you nearly two weeks ago about her and her two young children being forced from their rental home on Prairie due to mold taking over inside.

"I have to do what's best for me and my children and I have to walk away from everything I just worked so hard for to get," she said at the time.

After that, the city of Detroit cited the property owner for multiple violations.

"We issued about a $1,000 worth of blight violations for this location. For landlords like this in this situation, we're going to make them pay," said David Bell, BSEED, city of Detroit. 

After that, the management company cleaned up the mold, but it's already back. But that's not the only problem. 

On Monday morning Tanishia went to the home on Prairie Street to throw away the last of their belongings but found someone else had already been here.

"Somebody's broken in and stolen all of the pipes and stuff out of the house now," Goudy said.

They took the furnace, the hot water heater and the pipes. Tanishia is just trying to turn in her key and get her security deposit back so she can find a new home. It's a lot harder than it sounds. For Section 8, for her family, she has to have three bedrooms and can't be next to an abandoned house. 

She and her children are still in a homeless shelter and it's taking a toll on the kids. Her son's teacher called this morning to say he's having a bad day. He told his mother that he's feeling sad.

"He's only in kindergarten but it's difficult for kids," she said. "They catch it the worst - it's hard on them. I'm just trying to keep moving forward and this is difficult."

Fortunately, Portfolio Property Management company tells FOX 2 that Tanisha’s security deposit will be returned, which will hopefully help her get into a new home. A safe, clean Section 8 home.

Tanishia had to throw everything away because of that mold problem but if you'd like to help the family, let us know, or click here for her GoFundMe.