Six injured in Chesterfield car accident

Chesterfield Township police are shocked after six people involved in a high-impact car accident made it out alive.

The accident took place Sunday afternoon on Gratiot just north of 21 Mile Road. A 22-year-old New Haven woman driving a Ford Fiesta with three passengers ages 19, 7 and 5 slammed into a Hyundai Accent, injuring a 58-year-old Roseville woman and her 37-year-old daughter.

"It's a devastating impact ... the cars are totaled. Obviously the near loss of life -- the potential was there," said Chesterfield Township Police Chief Bradley Kersten.

He said there was some sort of distraction that created the crash. Each person -- all wearing their seatbelts -- suffered serious injuries. Many are still in critical, but stable condition Monday. The 37-year-old woman was injured the most severely.

Police said the driver of the Ford Fiesta passed over 2 lanes of traffic, hitting the Hyundai. Both were believed to have been driving at least 50 mph. While police said speed doesn't appear to be a factor in the crash, they did say the 22-year-old woman crossed over those lanes after leaving church and stopping at McDonald's.

Kersten said they may have been eating, and possibly driving distracted. The driver will likely face charges.