Skubick: John Dingell loved Michigan, the auto industry

The loss of John Dingell is being felt across the state and the nation.

FOX 2 political analyst Tim Skubick joined us from Lansing to talk about how "The Dean of the House" is being remembered.

One thing about Dingell was that he never took votes from his district for granted - despite serving under 11 presidents.

"That is vintage John Dingell, and he knew he was going to win these elections - nobody could put a glove on him politically and certainly not in Congress," Skubick said. "Yet he went out there and knocked on doors, we called it 'retail politics' and he was very good at it." 

Dingell had strong opinions and the auto industry was a great example, Skubick said.

"He hacked off some people in the environmental lobby with his staunch support of the auto industry over auto emission standards," Skubick said. "And he was basically on their side. But he at one point went back to the auto industry and said 'Boys enough is enough, we need to do something about clean air. So when he had to, he did what he thought was right to do which was the hallmark of John Dingell."