Smash away your stress at The Rage Room

Show up angry and leave happy is one of the slogans of The Rage Room.

All you just have to do is just show up and they supply the rest - and honestly, has there ever been a better time to do it?

Among the many perks of being able to do this here and you don't even have to clean it up. You will be outfitted in safety gear and given all sorts of tools to work out frustration, like bats and hammers, among other items.

Next comes a bin of highly breakable items, and you turn on your favorite music of course.

"You've got that pent up frustration from staying at home, from the election, everything is just going crazy right now," said an employee."Why not smash stuff?" 

There are old electronics, glasses, plates bottles and everything that is possibly breakable. There are "booster packs" of something more if you need it.

The rage room is recommended for ages 18 and up although there are some exceptions if younger kids can fit into the safety gear as long as they're accompanied by an adult.

Also you want to donate any items to be smashed they take those as well.

Locations include Farmington, Madison Heights, Canton and Waterford. Get all the information at