SnoBiz Detroit Hawaiian Shaved Ice serves VA hospital workers for free thanks to donation

Don't call it a snow cone, it's original Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It's more than just a job for this entrepreneur, Snobiz owner, Micky Ellis.

"It's refreshing and happy - it makes you happy - it makes you happy so I wanted to share this," he said.

And on this day, she's doing so outside the VA Hospital - free shaved ice for first responders and hospital workers.

"I was really surprised that they were out here but we're very happy that they are," said Angelia Porter, a VA nurse. "Especially on a hot day like this - this is very refreshing."

Micky was surprised, too, she's been in business for six years, but this year COVID-19 has canceled everything.

"I do like all different kinds of festivals and because everything has been canceled, it has kind of put a halt on my plans," she said.

Plans for a brick and mortar store are on hold for now, so she was grateful to have a mystery donor pay for her to deliver this special treat - for free - to these frontline workers.

"I was talking to someone, an angel I call him because he knew that I was having hard times and he blessed me, to bless everybody else," Micky said.

Which, Micky says - just goes to show - people really do care.

"It just goes to show you that we're all in this together," she said.

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