Snow plow drivers are ready for more this weekend amid slow winter

The winter weather is finally here and road crews are kicking it into high gear. Just days after our last storm, they're already preparing for another round of snow this weekend.

For snow plow drivers like O’Neil Colley, the ongoing winter weather is a welcome change - adding business has been slow this year.

"Finally Michigan gets some snow," said Colley, of Ravendale Landscaping LLC. "We haven’t gotten that much snow so if we were making 50,000 for the season now you’re only looking at 20,000 there’s a huge difference."

But now Colley is looking at two snow systems in less than a week.

"We have snow plows and snow blowers and we didn’t get to use them," he said. "So now we get to go out here, and play around in the snow."

Colley is on the road constantly during a storm - by now, he has his routine down.

"We restock on our salt and so on," he said. "Definitely get all your rest, drinks, soup, drink, eat greens - strong food that will stick to you."

Oakland County Road Commission Driver George Turmel has his own routine.

"We always watch the weather I have four apps on my phone, so I know exactly what it’s going to," he said. "You have to do that, because you need to know when you can get sleep."

Turmel says he works 16 hours at a time. He also pays special attention to the equipment when he clears roads during consecutive storms.

"Lines break, air hoses break, electrical parts, lights go out and stuff," he added.

While Turmel has been keeping us safe for 30 years— one family member is still getting used to the long hours.

"We just got a new dog and my wife says when I’m not home for all this time he mopes around looking for me," he quipped.

Both Colley and Turmel say when it comes to navigating two snow systems back to back, it is all about patience and working with mother nature.

"You go with the flow and thank God for what you’ve got," Colley said.

"It’s the profession we chose we just do what we gotta do and get it done," Turmel said.