Snyder blasted in Washington; Donald Vs. Hillary

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Part I: Snyder blasted in Washington

Snyder blasted in Washington; Donald Vs. Hillary

In his testimony he again took some of the blame, but do you believe him when he says he can fix the problem ...  or it time for him to go?

On the panel:

State Rep. Sheldon Neely (D-Flint)

Brandon Brice, conservative radio host

State Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Flint)

Jamie Rowe, Republican

Part II: Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton

Will it be front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in November?

If not, will there be riots as the GOP frontrunner has warned?

On the panel:

Rep. Sheldon Neely (D-Flint)

Brandon Brice

Karen Dumas, political insider, PR expert and radio host

Thayrone X, conservative radio host, WAAM 1600.

Part 3: On the Road

We asked voters from metro Detroit what they think about the presidential race.