Sole survivor of Plano mass shooting remains in serious condition

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Family members of the sole survivor of the mass shooting in Plano spoke for the first time since the murders.

Police say it was Spencer Hight who opened fire on nine of his friends, including his estranged wife, before being killed himself.

There are signs that the investigation into Sunday night’s shooting is wrapping. Tow trucks began moving the victims' cars Wednesday afternoon. People are still showing up at the home to leave notes and flowers.

Tears are still being shed for eight victims, all in their 20s or early 30s, who were shot and killed at a Cowboys watch party in Plano Sunday night.

The hostess was Meredith Lane Hight. The party goers were her friends: Tony Cross, Olivia Deffner, James Dunlop, Darryl Hawkins, Rion Morgan, Myah Bass and Caleb Edwards.

Police say the man who crashed the party and killed them was Meredith’s estranged husband, Spencer Hight. He took the lives of some of his own groomsmen before an officer shot and killed him.

Joscelyn Alvizo knew people at the party. In fact, she is friends with one of the guys who says he left minutes before the shooting and unknowingly saving his own life. But her best friend was Olivia Deffner, a college friend from UT Dallas. Deffner was three weeks from turning 25.

"She was the smartest one. She was the brightest one. She was the most ambitious one,” Alvizo said. "He didn't just kill those people. He killed a part of us."

Deffner, like many of the victims, had a promising career. She loved to travel. Her motto was "Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

"I don't know what happened,” Alvizo said. “But I can guarantee you she didn't go down without a fight."

Alviso says Meredith was bubbly and kind, but Spencer had issues.

"He had shown up at parties before or like get-togethers that she had had, and he would just yell and scream and make a ruckus with her,” she recalled. “You'd never think that he was a killer."

Alvizo wants the focus on the victims: Myah Bass, who's survived by her U.S. Army Reserve husband, or Darryl Hawkins, with his memorable smile, or Tony Cross, whose friend says his beard was rivaled only by the size of his heart.

Carly Shockey was the sole survivor of the shooting after she was shot in the jaw.

Her family released a statement saying, “We would like to thank everyone for their concern and prayers for our loved one, Carly. Our hearts are heavy for the families affected by this senseless tragedy. Carly is in stable, but serious condition. This is the beginning of a very long recovery journey for both Carly and our family. We ask that you please respect our privacy as we focus all of our family's energy on helping Carly recover."

Plano police say they expect to have the scene cleared soon.