Some Michigan renters and homeowners eligible for home heating tax credit

Certain residents and homeowners in Michigan are encouraged to apply for the state's Home Heating Tax Credit before the window for applications closes at the end of September.

The tax credit has on average ended with about $209 in assistance for people who qualify. It's usually applied to their utility bills to help pay for gas during the winter.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 30.

"This credit will help provide financial relief to families as we head into the fall and winter, leaving more money available for other critical needs," said health director Elizabeth Hertel. 

Those that qualify include renters with a contracted lease or a homeowner that falls within certain income limits, which can be found here. There are also alternative credits available that uses heating costs to calculate the available credit. 

Someone can learn if they qualify here.

"The fall heating season is approaching quickly," said state Treasurer Rachael Eubanks. "The Home Heating Credit can help with heating bills, allowing individuals and families to spend their hard-earned dollars on other necessities. Local free tax preparation can help taxpayers navigate the paperwork to receive this very important credit. Please don’t hesitate to seek out assistance if you think you’re eligible."

One way to apply for the credit is through