Son accused of cutting mom's throat, stabbing two random people

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A Detroit mother had her throat cut and stabbed to death in her home by her own son, police say, and she wasn't his only victim. Investigators say that the woman's son attacked two other people who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anray Jerry, 25, is in custody and accused of murdering his own mom, 42-year-old Sabionne Agee. According to police, a relative found the woman's dead body in the basement of her home on Heyden Street Sunday night. The woman had been stabbed in the throat and police say their prime suspect was gone but not done.

Man in custody after mother, two others found stabbed across Detroit

Police said Jerry stole his mom's car and headed to the city's east side. At the corner of Conner and Gratiot, he crashed the car and then took off running, police say, and stabbed a random passerby in the hand on Rosemary. Police said he then attacked a man from behind at the intersection of Wilshire and Dickerson and stabbed him four times in the back and once in the face.

The 46-year-old man is in critical condition in a nearby hospital.

"They did an extensive track from the third stabbing scene and found this man in a vacant house and he's in custody," said Detroit Police Captain Darin Szilagy.

Jerry was arrested in the abandoned home on Promenade after K-9 teams tracked him their and fresh footprints in the snow led police upstairs.

For loved ones of Agee, the crime is obviously incomprehensible.

"When it came to her kids she did anything and everything for them," Ervin Agee, her former brother-in-law, said.

He said his nephew was a gentle guy and had been institutionalized recently for substance abuse. Ervin says Sabionne told him something else was wrong with her son.

"She would always say he needs some psychological help and that when she looked at him she no longer saw her son and it scared her," he said.

Sabionne leaves behind three other adult children.