Son in custody for killing mother with spiked stick

A Detroit family arrived to a gruesome scene Friday afternoon on Bramell Sreet, shocked to learn 64-year-old Louise Jackson had been killed.

"This ... it's a lot to swallow," said Gwen Jackson-Hutchinson, sister of the victim.

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In a desperate attempt to get inside Jackson's locked west side home around 12:30 p.m., Jackson's loved ones using a plant to break the window.

Inside, they found Jackson dead.

"From the preliminary investigation it looks like there was blunt force trauma," said Commander Eric Tosqui of the Detroit police.

Sources describe the weapon as a spiked stick.

Apparently Jackson had tried to stop her son from leaving.

As police arrived, the suspect was still at the home and was arrested.

He then acted erratically as he's taken to the station for questioning.

Jackson's sister says that suspect is Jackson's 36-year-old mentally ill son.

"Why you gonna try to take someone who was the only trying to help you? That's crazy," Jackson-Hutchinson said.

Jackson's sister says Louise had been taking care of her son since he didn't have a job, letting him stay with her, but she says she tried to warn her of his unpredictability.

"Every time I spoke to her she always say she got to do what she needs to do for her child," Jackson-Hutchinson said.

Jackson's sister says Louise was a very spiritual and giving person, always trying to help her family -- especially her son.

Even her own roommate tried to warn her.

"She said that she was trying to tell her that you can't help your son but she kept saying I have to help my son," Jackson-Hutchinson said.

Police say they've been called out to the home before but not since last summer.

Jackson's sister says her nephew could be very sweet, but could change in an instant.

"I can't bring my sister back, but my heart still goes to out to him, but I just say he shouldn't have taken my sister," Jackson-Hutchinson said.