Son of DPD officer who died this week from 2017 shooting: 'He took the call when he didn't have to'

"Over the last year he has really declined in health, but he's in a better place," said Arin Johnson, Officer Waldis Johnson's son. 

After a three year fight to stay alive. Detroit Police Officer Waldis Johnson passed away May 31, after being shot in the line of duty in 2017 as he responded to a domestic violence call. 

The officers were responding to a domestic violence call. The woman's boyfriend had already left the building but another resident heard the commotion outside.  Surveillance cameras inside showed James Ray, 46,  making his way to the door of the building - with a gun.  Chief James Craig says Johnson and Ray fired at each other.

Officer Johnson's partner - just six months out of the police academy - fired multiple rounds at Ray - who died at the scene.

His son, Arin, told FOX 2 that a random act of violence that led to his father's shooting.

"He was just trying to do something good, he was doing his job, he was done for the night, and he took that call when he didn't have to," Arin said.

But he did - and his son says that's the type of man his dad was. 

"Being a cop meant the world to my dad, he wanted to honor the city of Detroit," said Arin. "He thought the world of Detroit."

Arin's mother and siblings remained hopeful that Officer Johnson would recover. Now his passing adds to the trauma they've endured over past three years. 

"But this is death. My dad is not here at the moment I can't go visit him," he said. 

Detroit Police Officer Waldis Johnson

Officer Johnson's passing comes as clashes between police and people protesting the killing of a black man by a police officer have often become violent in cities across the country. 

"I definitely agree with protest, we just need to make sure we don't group all police officers as bad," Arin said. "A lot of people who choose that job, they truly care about people. They get up wanting change. They also get up not knowing if they will come home to their family."

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Arin says his father's legacy has inspired him to focus on his own mission in life. 

"Coach people through difficult situations," he said. "I've compiled a book that I want to do that, just list everything I've thought about, everything I have been through over the last three years and I think someone will be able to use that one day." 

He believes his father would be proud. 

"I owe everything to him, I will honor him every way I can," he said.  

Arin Johnson