Surgeon: wounded DPD officer's injuries 'devastating'

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A Detroit police officer shot in the head and today doctors say his condition has "deteriorated."

"It is critical and he needs our prayers," said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

Duggan was somber as he spoke about a 14-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department being identified only as Officer Johnson - he was shot in the forehead Sunday night at Oakman Apartments.

The officer was responding to a 911 call for help at the west side apartments, located on Joy Road.

"Our investigators are estimating that our officers knocked kicked a number of times on the door trying to gain entry unsuccessfully," said Chief James Craig.

"They were responding to a domestic assault and battery, a woman calling for help."

Unbeknownst to the officers her boyfriend had already left the building, but another resident evidently heard the commotion outside.

Surveillance cameras inside show 46-year-old James Ray making his way to the door of the building with a pistol - the chief detailed what happened next.

"As he left his apartment building with a gun, he has actually chambered a round in his weapon," Craig said. "As he approached the front door that was locked he opened the front door with the gun extended. His arm was extended and the officers responded.

"The officer that was shot fired several rounds from his department issued weapon and simultaneously both the officer and the suspect fell to the ground."

The chief says Officer Johnson's partner - just six months out of the police academy - fired multiple rounds at Ray - who died at the scene.

Detroit Police officer shot, condition 'deteriorates', surgeon says
Detroit Police officer shot in head, suspect killed

EMS rushed Officer Johnson to Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn where he underwent surgery.

"Through the late morning today he has deteriorated somewhat," said Dr. James Wagner. "At this point it appears he will require another operation."

"A sobering reminder of the dangers our officers face each and every day," Craig said.

This is the eighth time a Detroit police officer has been shot or killed in the line of duty.

"The thoughts and prayers of everbody in Detroit - are with Officer Johnson," Duggan said.

An officer whose step-father retired from the Detroit Police Department 22 years ago - his son following in his footsteps to serve his city.

"He went to his step-father and asked 'I want to be a police officer,'" Craig said. "His son enjoyed this job each and every day - looked forward to going out and serving the citizens of this city."

The trauma surgeon described the injuries as "devastating" and he has undergone a second surgery Monday. Now doctors are waiting for the swelling of the officer's brain to go down.