South Lake students brawl in and out of school

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A student brawl gets out of control in St. Clair Shores: kids kicking, cursing, and throwing punches while others record the mayhem. It happened just outside of South Lake Middle School but students said this was one of three fights in the past week.

The rash of fights at Southlake High School started Friday the 13th. According to Principal Mark Adamski, they continued through the weekend to Monday the 16th.

"The teachers don't know what to do about it anymore so it's getting kind of out of hand," sophomore Ashley Benke said.

However, Frank King, a sophomore, says there were more than just a few fights.

"There were eight different fights in the past three weeks and I don't know they're all going haywild and think it's all fun and cool to fight," King said.

Not every fight was at the school. Some happened at the middle school, and some inside the school

But recently, someone with a mask came into the school and attacked students.

"They came in the back door and ran in the school," sophomore Deante Lawson said. "(They) walked up to somebody and slapped him and they flew in the garbage can."

South Lake school officials said that they have taken disciplinary action both with the students who fought as well students who provided access through the side door of the school.

The students can be suspended for fighting but that's only the beginning. There could also be criminal charges.