Southfield charter school closes shocking students, staff

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How can school be out for summer when there is three weeks to go in the year?

Students and teachers at Taylor International Academy in Southfield said their goodbyes sooner than expected Wednesday. It came after grim news from Central Michigan University, the charter's school authorizer.

"We basically heard that Thursday and Friday the school would shut down," said Nourbese Campbell. "And that they would notify us on Friday. And the school would notify us if we were to reopen on Monday."

"We know it’s not going to be open on Monday," said Renee Jenkins, dean. "We've been getting the run around about our salaries, just a runaround about this whole ordeal."

Teachers were seen packing their belongings. They say they will get paid Friday but the school is not able to pay them through August.

Parents received word last week that money woes would force the school's closure at the end of the academic year on June 30th. They got a rude awakening on May 31st.

"I got off work I came here to get my babies and all I saw was chaos," said Patricia Hamlett, a parent. "The parents were mad and upset, perturbed."

Taylor International has been beset by money problems since 2013 and according to Renaissance School Services, the company that managed it, and things came to a head.

"The board has resigned and we terminated our relationship with the school because we haven't been paid in about six months," said Richard O'Neill, Renaissance School Services.

This left Taylor International without a principal, financial manager and academic advisor. CMU dropped its bombshell soon after.

"We were to find out this information after the school day ended," said Neerah Atallah, a teacher. "So we weren't able to provide our kids with closure, so it’s very upsetting.

"That's one of the hardest things is when you think about the kids and getting to say goodbye to them," said Katya Feldman, a teacher.

"I don't think it's right I don't think it’s fair," Hamlett said.

Some school ceremonies and end of the year festivities are in limbo. FOX 2 reached out to the spokesperson for the Center for Charter Schools but a spokesperson was not available after business hours.