Southgate man starts website

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A Southgate native is turning his love for technology into a new business.

He says he's seen too many friends have their relationships ruined by infidelity and they all seem to have a common theme, their partner strayed online.

Let us introduce you to the creator of

"You can find out in a few minutes if your partner is faithful or not," said the creator.

Cheaters beware, there's a new website that will bust your infidelity.

"Out of over 2,000 searches made, I have over 700 cheaters found," the man said

The creator of the site does not want to release his name -- but he does want to help you know the truth about your relationship.

"My service currently costs $4 dollars and 99 cents per search and with that the service will check 21 dating websites.

The IFindCheaters website is easy to use.

"To start a search, you put the suspect's email in," he said. "Right here will be the email address that you're searching for. As you can see, the search starts instantly and takes a few seconds to complete."

"Private investigators cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and you won't see results as quick as this," he said.

The dating websites are on to him, but this entrepreneur will not be deterred.

"A few of them have tried to lock me out, but I've found alternative methods to get back in," he said.

The creator of the website has enjoyed the challenge, but the most rewarding part of his business is helping people.

"I've had a lot of thank yous, a lot of upset messages," he said. "When I see the hate emails, I know somebody might have just escaped an unfaithful relationship. That’s a reward in itself."

All payments to are done through Pay Pal so the business owner doesn't have any of your personal information.

The site was launched in March and as he said, has busted more than 700 cheaters. But so far he has not actually made any money off of the business.

To check out the site for yourself, CLICK HERE.