Special 4-year-old gets her wish granted for a pop-up camper fit for a princess

For 4-year-old Ivy, it has been a lifetime of hospitals since she received a life-threatening diagnosis of lymphoblastic leukemia.

 "It was a long three and a half years but we got through it," said Ivy's mother.
That journey earned her a Make-A-Wish experience as she got that wish Friday, a new pop-up camper for her and her family.  
"Where are you going to take your camper?" her mom asked.

"To the park, on vacation, camping," she said.   
In true 4-year-old fashion, she wants to deck it out with princess stickers and start taking Covid-safe trips with her family.  
"Give them something positive to focus on instead of needle pokes and hospital stays," said Sherri Collins of Make-A-Wish. "It gives them something to look forward to."
Make-A-Wish partnered with Spinal Elements and local Dr. John Lamacchia is not Ivy's doctor, but a backer of the cause.  

"Just when we think we have it bad, there is someone that has it much worse than we do," said Dr. Lamacchia. "Thanks to God's grace, she can persevere."
They are focusing on the here and now for Ivy - and today was a good day.  
"Wishes are transformational," Collins said. "They change lives and it's something that will be with her forever."