Speeding car crashes into house in Farmington Hills

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A car speeding out of control slams into a car then crashes into a house in Farmington Hills.

Farmington Hills police say Tuesday night a car speeding on 12 Mile Road near Orchard Lake, went off the road. The car, a Volvo, came to a stop on Rogers' front lawn. Police say the driver may have had a seizure.

"He got out of the car," said homeowner Roy Roger. "He kind of looked around. He was bleeding from the mouth and didn't know it. He said 'Did I do all of that?'"

Roger was on his way home from church Tuesday walked up to find his house after it was hit.

"All I was thinking was that I want to get home to my wife," he said. "He hit a car ran between the trees, jumped a curb, hit the side of my house. My car was parked there."

Roger said the Volvo hit his car that had been parked in the driveway so hard that it spun around, but his wife inside the home was not hurt.

"I didn't care about my car, my house, I just wanted to make sure she was alright," he said.

Roger says if this would have happened just 20 minutes earlier, his wife would have been inside that car. Roger says his wife enjoys sitting in the quiet car and reading her bible. That's what she had been doing, just before the crash.

"She said something just told her to get out of the car," he said. "And she came in the house to shower or something like that. And 20 minutes later she heard the noise."

Police say the driver of that Volvo is expected to be okay and as Roger talks with his insurance company and picks up some of the debris left behind he takes a moment to think about what he could have lost.

"It makes me appreciate how fragile life is," he said. "I'm just thankful my wife is still here and I'm still here to appreciate her."