Spirit Airlines cancels hundreds of flights, again

If you’re taking a flight on Spirit Airlines, you may want to double-check its status. The carrier has been canceling hundreds of flights each day for almost a week and Thursday was no different.

On Sunday, the airline canceled more than 1,300 flights due to tech outages, staffing shortages, and weather. It appears issues still remain with another round of hundreds of cancellations Thursday, which were announced shortly after midnight.

This is the fifth day in a row the low-cost carrier is frustrating its passengers.

"Delayed one more time after that, instead of canceling the flight then and there, they wait till midnight on the dot to cancel the flight, and at the same time they canceled seven other ones. So this line, I started back there, last night at midnight, I got to the front at 9 am this morning," said one traveler at Orlando International Airport. 

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"It's just gotten canceled and no reason for why it's been canceled. And now we're just trying to figure out how can we get home," said another traveler. 

Spirit isn’t the only airline grappling with issues. American Airlines delayed and canceled hundreds of flights after storms pummeled its largest hub in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The nine-hour weather event Sunday night into Monday brought sustained heavy rain and strong winds, lightning microbursts, and hail.

As for American, they’ve just about recovered. Spirit passengers should check email and the airline’s website for flight updates.