Spotlight on a Cure talent show raises money to fight Huntington's disease

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Shelby Lentz is a singer and songwriter and soon she'll be performing and competing in the Miss Michigan pageant.

But this weekend the Kalamazoo native will be here in Metro Detroit performing, raising money and raising awareness about Huntington's disease.

"For Shelby to use her talents as a platform, “said Krissi Kinney-Putansu, Founder, Spotlight on a cure. 

Brave because Shelby Lentz, 20, has Huntington's disease - like her father and her sister. Unlike them she's not yet showing signs of the rare, genetic, degenerative, disease that still has no cure.

"It's a very rare neurological disease," said Putansu. "It is a combination of ALS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. It's a really rough disease that not a lot of people know about."

Putansu knows the disease all too well. Her mother has it, her grandfather had it the disease impacts one in 10,000 people. It's a disease that inspired Krissi and her best friend, Amber Frampton, to organize a talent show nine years ago - a fundraiser called Spotlight on a Cure.

"We've had a lot of different acts - singers, songwriters, comedians, magicians, circus performers,' said Putansu. "It is a really fun show. This particular show we have really amazing talent."

So far they've raised $75,000 - it is money that's needed for promising new research. Research that could eventually help people like Kathy Walsh - a former channel 2 reporter whose battle with Huntington's disease FOX 2 profiled back in June.

But for now more money and more research is needed. 

"Truth be told there is no cure," Putansu said. "So right now for our loved ones that are suffering with Huntington's disease, we really have to watch them progress in a pretty rough way."

The big event - Spotlight on a Cure is Saturday night right at Crank's in Shelby Township 

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