Spring cleaning your finances

It's the first week of spring, so many of us have cleaning on the brain. Steve Flores from Cornerstone Community Financial joins us on The Nine with some tips to clean out something a little out of the ordinary -- your finances.

Review the reoccuring charges and close the accounts you can do without

  • Cable, phone
  • Entertainment services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
  • Gym Memberships
  • Lawn care

Close accounts that you're not using anymore that have a yearly fee, that maybe you opened up to save for the holidays or for a special trip.

Flores also recommends shredding old finances papers you don't need anymore. You can tidy up the clutter in your office and in your brain, too, by signing up for automatic online payments.

This would be a good time, too, every year to make it a point to review your credit. Check that lines you have open are correct and that you don't see any fraudulent activity. This will help you longterm with your savings.