Springfield Township food drive organized to help families this Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving meal that was loaded into Shelly White's truck on Monday is a heartbreaking reminder that 2020 hasn't gone as planned. 

"I didn't expect to get emotional, but this is real," White said. "This is very real and it's very tough."

White said she lost her job in March and the emotional roller coaster hasn't stopped. She's relying on help like a food drive to get by while trying to stay strong for loved ones. 

"I had to hide it a few times, because I didn't want the kids to see how hard it really is," she said. 

White's family is one of 1000 families who got fresh food from several organizations on Monday. Cars stopped by the Springfield Township Fire Department in Northern Oakland County. Wren Hack from the non-profit organization "Hazon" said they've been bringing food to this area during the pandemic because the need is great- even though you might not see it right away. 

"The northern part of Oakland County doesn't get the same amount of trucks that Detroit does," Hack said. "So, it was really important for us to be able to support the families here for Thanksgiving."

Springfield Township Firefighters are used to saving lives, but here, they're trying to help in a different way - by passing out food. 

"We run in and help them during their time of need and now we are not an emergency, we can interact with them in a more positive situation, rather than helping them during their worst times," said Springfield Township Fire Chief, David Feicher. 

Now while white's heart is heavy, seeing the community come together like this gives her a new hope because event during a pandemic, there's plenty of thanks to go around. 

"We will get through this it's just obviously going to be a lot longer than what we expected, so help from the community has been wonderful."