Standoff with police, hostage inside nears 24-hour mark at Detroit home

A standoff at a home in Detroit with police is nearing the 24-hour mark Tuesday night, as negotiators have been working for hours now to bring the situation to an end. But police say very little has changed over the course of the day. 

Police have maintained a constant line of communication with the suspect inside the home in the 15000 block of Iliad Street where two hostages were originally also inside. One was let out safely earlier. 

This all began around 2:30 a.m. when Redford police attempted to pull the suspect over. He sped away to his home.

"As he got to the front porch and the officers, as they were getting out of their cruiser, one single shot was fired. The officers believed they were being shot at. He then went inside of his residence," said Detroit police chief James Craig. His department got involved after Redford police called for backup. 

A negotiator made contact with the now-barricaded gunman and police say they quickly learned why he may have been behaving in this manner.

"He acknowledged that he was suffering from mental illness and that he had not been taking his meds," said Craig.

Police say he also confessed to being a suspect in a triple homicide in Detroit back in June, which involves a house fire. Prior to that fire, police say three people were shot and killed inside the home on Helen Street. The victims had ties to a local motorcycle club. 
During their negotiations Tuesday with the barricaded gunman, police also learned he wasn't alone. He claimed to have a man and woman hostage. 

He eventually let the woman go and police questioned if the second hostage was really being held against his will. 

"The one hostage, in the background I believe, made statements along the lines of,  'Look, I'm having breakfast. I'm not leaving.'"

Either way, police say they must do whatever they can to ensure the safety of all involved. 

FOX 2 spoke with the father of the hostage still believed to be inside. The father was waiting anxiously at the scene. "I just hope he makes it. Hopes he comes out alive."

Craig says the suspect is most likely under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

"He feels he is in a place of power. He recognizes that he's facing potentially some very serious charges and this might be his last time of freedom, the way he articulated his current situation," Craig said. 

Earlier this evening FOX 2's Charlie Langton also spoke with the suspect by phone as well, and during that conversation, the suspect did confess to being involved in the triple homicide.

Police say he the suspect has a lengthy criminal history. 

Meanwhile, police say they are planning to wait out a resolution.