Start early and start often if you want to raise a charitable child

As the holiday season hits full swing, the giving season will match its momentum. 

As a parent, you may find yourself asking "how do I make sure I'm raising a charitable child?" Well, we have some answers for you.

With the Tuesday after Thanksgiving being known as "Giving Tuesday," Doctor Vanessa Jensen of Cleveland Clinic Children's says it's never too early to start teaching your kids about doing good for others.

"I think it's kind of a nice idea to start kids from a young age with the idea that if you have something that you can share, it's a built-in part of who we are, and who you could be, as a giving person," said Jensen, a psychologist.

Children are naturally self-focused. But, by teaching them why we give and how we give, it enables them to think outside of their own needs and wants. And the best way to do that is to lead by example.

"The best way to teach a child about giving and how good that feels is to show it. Is to show that when you help somebody, the way it feels for you is 'wow, that was really good' and instill that sense in kids from as young as you can," said Jensen. 

It's beneficial for kids to see the importance of giving and how donating time, resources, money and love.

That may start off being a good student and a helpful classmate in school. When they watch their parents model good behaviors in church or in the community, it gives them an opportunity to see why that's important and how to show it off as well. And of course, it feels good as too.

So start small and encourage kids to pick up something that someone has dropped, or even holding a door open for someone.