State leaders unveil Electric Vehicle push, infrastructure plans at Mackinac conference

One of the plans presented at the Mackinac Policy conference is for electric vehicles in Michigan. Leading the way is Trevor Pawl, the state's officer for future mobility in electrification.

"This topic is so powerful it can transform economies and create jobs as it's fighting climate change," he said. "One, charging infrastructure, two, EV talent, and three, EV industry growth."

"Today we are here to talk about how we can usher in a new era of prosperity by investing in talent, innovation and community," said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Participants here at the policy conference are already talking "electrification." like, Consumers Energy, which is working to chang the infrastructure.

"We have also built a coalition with other utility companies in the Midwest, to build charging infrastructure so you can drive from Detroit to Denver and not have range anxiety if you owned electric vehicles," said Rejji Hayes, CFO Consumers Energy.

Ernst & Young is assisting companies, especially start-ups, with its financing in this field.

FOX 2: "Do you see this as a big developing area?"

"Absolutely. We are all seeing it - every existing car company and startups are all investing in EVs," said Angie Kelly, managing partner. "And there's going to be more and more on the road every day. Not on Mackinac Island though."

True, but near Mackinac Island part of the plan is to create the "Lake Michigan EV Circuit" where the Lake Michigan shoreline will have multiple charging stations.

Heather Durocher of the Michigan Runner Girl Podcast thinks it would be good for tourism.  

"I would think so. It makes me excited to think about getting an electric car at some point," she said. "For my family, I have three kids it would definitely entice us to to do more exploring."